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Cool Links
Abrachan Pudusserry
Cool Links

Google Search

Index of SEIs all published articles / white papers. Thanks Ashok, for recommending this very useful link...

The Rational Edge... A very useful site for all software engineering guys... Thanks Julian, for reccomending this site.

Extreme Programming XP

For anybody, who deals with Human Beings...Thanks Meenakshi for recommending this link.. This is a great site, exclusive for quality professionals. Gives lots of practical tips and guidance. An excellent place to network with other professionals. All the legends in the Indian software industry, share thir views here. Promoted by QAI. Can find lot of information on software engineering and Quality Engineering.

Quality Assurance Institute. Gives info on CMM/ISO frameworks, up coming events and lots of white papers for reference. Has links to all the QAI sites, world over.

Software Engineering Institute