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About Us

We are a network of Quality Professionals, highly experienced and qualified, providing committed service to software development companies, in

- Training
- Assessments
- Strategy Planning for the Quality Journey
- Strategy Implementation
- Quality Management System Development
- Quality Management System Audits
- SCM & SQA Audits of Projects
- Causal Analysis & Corrective Actions
- Project Management Reviews

at highly competitive consulting fees.

For the professionals in the network, you are your own boss, and is in the consulting business, getting an opportunity to breath fresh air and complete freedom, and definitely the adrenalin pumping, because it is your own company.

If you you are a very good Quality Professional, with excellent drive, communication skills and track record, this is the opportunity. You need not resign your present job. Start work parttime. Once the business in your region start giving enough returns for you to live life kingsize, throw your present job away, instead, be their consultant! We will together will give the so called Quality Guru's a run for their money. Our operating costs will be minimum. All of us will work from home. Brilliant, is it not!! why are we waiting. Let the enterpreuner in us awake. Let us make our mark!!

The Plan:-

In the first year of operation, we will have 10 consultants in India, covering, Delhi,Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Trivandrum.
A tie up with an American company for T&M services

Pls send me your resume, location of interest, work of interest.

What is my role?
Share my dreams with you. Listen to Your dreams. Strategize together. Win together. Iam working for a company. But still I have 2 days / week for this. Trust you also have.

Let us team up!

Best of luck

Aby Pudussery
Mobile Phone : 9843112424
email :

Our Business Philosophy

" Help our customers delight their customers, by being better than the best in their work"

Our human resource policy

We dont have employees, we have only business partners with a common shared vision.