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Books I liked

Iam fond of reading, especially books on Behavioural sciences, Human Psychology, Management, Quality,Astrology,Spirituality,Technology. Normally I read a book in a month. Thats one of my new year resolutions!. At present Iam with "Marketing Management, By prof. Kotler". I liked this book very much. Iam still reading it. The book will definitely take me one more step closer to my dream of having my own company. Hope One day I will have one good book in my name, that is also one of my ambitions!!!

The books I liked so far;

1) The Capability Maturity Model, Guidelines for improving the software process (Mark.C.Paulk)

2) Managing the software process (Humphrey)

3) Marketing management (Kotler)

4) The Bible

5) Bhagavad Gita

6) Executive EQ (Robert Cooper)

7) You can win (Shiv Khera)

8) Java Programming Bible (Walsh)

9) The Seven Habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey)

11) Living positively, one day at a time (Robert H. Schuller)

12) Principle centered leadership (Stephen R Covey)

13) Essential Manager's Guide (Robert Heller)

14) Quality without tears (Philip Crosby)

15) Quality is free (Philip Crosby)

16) Completeness (Philip Crosby)

17) The joy in loving (Mother Theresa)

18) First Things First (Stephen Covey)

19) Making the elephant dance (dont remember the author)

20) Software engineering, a practitioners approach 5/e (Pressman)

21) Business at the speed of thought (Bill gates)

22) Maverick (Ricardo Semler)

23) Organizational Behaviour (Prof. Madhukar Shukla)

24) High output management

25) How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)

26) The power of positive thinking (Norman Vincent Pele)

27) Annual horoscope (Dharuwala)

28) How to enjoy your life and your job - Dale Carnegie
29) The six thinking hats (Edward Debono)
30) The knowledge management tool kit
31) Good to great
32) The power to change (A must read .. by GRID)

The list is growing. Iam listing the books, which I use as reference material hence revisit.